Robert Beatrice, RHU, Founder and President

Bob Beatrice is the founder and president of Beatrice Insurance Agency. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance agency specializing in employee benefits, Bob left a position as partner at a large benefits firm in the Northern Kentucky Area to start his own business, focusing on his two business passions for clients: to provide personal attention to help others navigate the complex healthcare system; and to act as an advocate for those with high-risk medical conditions.

At age 13 Bob was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The first-hand knowledge Bob has with healthcare complexities fuels his passion and empathy to help others. Bob sees all sides of the equation from someone who does not use health insurance much, to someone who uses a lot of insurance due to their unique circumstances. With all of this in mind, the goal of Beatrice Insurance Agency is to help others prepare for when Life Happens by providing clients with practical options for their personal and business lives, simplifying the complex healthcare choices, and creating a user-friendly model to help each unique client.



Lee Ann Bentley, Office Manager

Lee Ann is a hard worker with skills from various backgrounds. Lee Ann aligns with carrier representatives, researching options and supporting the sales team and clients through proposal analysis and preparing the sales team with presentations. Lee Ann has organizational development, communication, collections, and talent acquisition skills required to help support the success of the sales and service organization.



George Beatrice, Agency Consultant

George Beatrice is a local entrepreneur by nature, having owned several businesses in the Northern KY and IN markets. He serves Beatrice Insurance Agency as a consultant, meeting with the owners on a weekly basis. George has been in the insurance industry for over 45 years. He has served as an advisor to business owners and insurance carriers.



Paul Beatrice, Apprentice

Paul is in his second year at Northern Kentucky University studying Business. He has been with Beatrice Insurance Agency a little over a year as an Apprentice. Paul brings a wealth of computer knowledge to the agency and has been learning the insurance industry from the ground up. Paul works on our database management. Paul’s administrative help is invaluable.